REPLINSTFMT, Format error encountered while reading replication instance file xxxx. Expected yyyy. (yyyyを期待)Found zzzz. (zzzzを発見)

Runtime Error: This error is issued by GT.M or MUPIP whenever it tries to open the replication instance file and finds that it was created with a format that the current version of GT.M cannot interpret. GT.M also produces this error when it encounters:

  1. an instance file created on a different endian system or

  2. an instance file created by a 32-bit (or 64-bit) version of GT.M that is different from the current 64-bit (or 32-bit) version of GT.M.

Action: Recreate the instance file using the mupip replic -instance_create command with the current version of GT.M.


The REPLINSTCORRV message that was displayed in V5.0-000 has now been replaced by REPLINSTFMT

inserted by FC2 system