PRIMARYNOTROOT, Attempted operation not valid on non-root primary instance xxxx

MUPIP Error: If a replication instance is not a root primary (the journal pool already exists and was created by a source server command that specified propagateprimary), issuing a source server command with the start or deactivate qualifiers that has the rootprimary qualifier explicitly specified (or implicitly assumed) on this instance will cause this error to be issued. This error can also be issued by the receiver server or mupip rollback if the instance that the source server is running on is not a root primary and it connects to a receiver server or a mupip journal -rollback -fetchresync running on an instance that was formerly a root primary and has not yet had a mupip replic -source -losttncomplete command run either explicitly or implicitly on it.

Action: Use propagateprimary qualifier instead of rootprimary in the source server command. もしこのエラーがレシーバサーバ または fetchresyncロールバックによって発行される場合は、セカンダリインスタンスは、それがこの直前にルートプライマリだったので、ルートプライマリのセカンダリとして起動されます。ルールは、以前にルートプライマリであったすべてのインスタンスは、新ルートプライマリのセカンダリとして起動されるべきことが規則です。これは、新ルートプライマリに適用する必要があるロストトランザクションファイルが作成されます。Once that is done, a mupip replic -source -losttncomplete command should be run either explicitly or implicitly on this instance before trying to bring this up as a secondary of a propagating primary.

inserted by FC2 system