INVDLRCVAL, Invalid $CHAR() value.

Runtime Error: The $CHAR() function triggers this error if its arguments contains an invalid code-point. According to the Unicode Standard version 5.0, invalid code-points include the following sets:

  1. The "too big" code-points (those greater than the maximum U+10FFFF).

  2. The "surrogate" code-points (in the range [U+D800, U+DFFF]) which are reserved for UTF-16 encoding.

  3. The "non-character" code-points that are always guaranteed to be not assigned to any valid characters. This set consists of [U+FDD0, U+FDEF] and all U+nFFFE and U+nFFFF (for each n from 0x0 to 0x10).

Action: Specify argument in the range of valid Unicode code-points.

inserted by FC2 system