TPRESTART, Database mmmm; code: xxxx; blk: yyyy in glbl: zzzz; pvtmods: aaaa, blkmods: bbbb, blklvl: cccc, type: dddd, readset: eeee, writeset: ffff, local_tn: gggg

Severity: Information

Run Time Information: This UNIX environment variables or OpenVMS logical names GTM_TPRESTART_LOG_FIRST and GTM_TPRESTART_LOG_DELTA control the logging of TPRESTART messages. GTM_TPRESTART_LOG_FIRST indicates the number of TP restarts to log from GT.M invocation. Once tha many have been logged, for every GTM_TPRESTART_LOG_DELTA TP restarts, a restart message is logged. If GTM_TPRESTART_LOG_DELTA is undefined no operator logging occurs. The default value for GTM_TPRESTART_LOG_FIRST is 0 (zero), which leaves the control completely with GTM_TPRESTART_LOG_DELTA. This message is supposed to serve as a debugging tool in developmental environments to indicate globals of contention.

Action: Disable or adjust the frequency of these messages with the mechanism described above. To reduce the number of restarts, consider changes to the global structure, varying the time when work is scheduled, whether the business and program logic permits the use of NOISOLATION.

inserted by FC2 system