TPNOTACID, tttt at xxxx in a final TP retry violates ACID properties of a TRANSACTION; indefinite RESTARTs may occur

Run Time Information: GT.M issues this message if it is executing a TP TRANSACTION in the final retry and control gets transferred out of GT.M due to any one of three conditions (i) ZSYSTEM command (ii) Runtime error that transfers control to a user-defined $ZTRAP/ETRAP or (iii) Entering direct mode (e.g. due to a BREAK command). The xxxx indicates the $ZPOSITION where the transfer of control occurred and the condition that caused this is identified in tttt.

Action: Modify the program to avoid the transfer of control outside of GT.M at the M-source location identified. For example, if the M-program contains a ZSYSTEM, try placing it outside the TRANSACTION.

inserted by FC2 system