ACTIVATEFAIL , Failed to activate passive source server for secondary instance name xxxx

MUPIP Error: This error is issued by a mupip replic -source -activate command when it tries to activate a passive source server and at the same time switch the instance from being a secondary (propagating primary) to a root primary. It is possible to switch an instance from being a secondary to a root primary by activating an already running passive source server on that instance at the same time specifying the rootprimary qualifier. しかし、そのインスタンス上で実行している1つのパッシブソースサーバ以外のプロセスはありません。もしない場合は上記のエラーが発行されます。

Action: Shutdown all processes other than the passive source server that are running on that replication instance (source servers, receiver server, update process, GT.M processes etc.) and are accessing the journal pool and then reissue the mupip replic -source -activate command

inserted by FC2 system